“I don’t condone cheating, but I would sometimes spread misinformation. And this is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important…”

“So, that’s my advice — misinformation works.”

— Inspirational U.S. Senator

Feeling misinformed?

Yes, misinformation works. But we wanna make it rough!

So breathe, and count to five. Live while you’re still alive.

Misinformation Works is a nonprofit corporation. Our primary functions are issue advocacy, education, and scientific research. We do not expressly endorse or oppose individual candidates, parties, or office-holders, except those who have proudly admitted to employing misinformation as a great tactic. We are not impressed by political affiliation, but rather honesty, empathy, and logical consistency.

Why does misinformation work? And how can we neutralize it?

As social scientists, we will objectively model misinformativeness, and as software engineers, we will apply our models within interactive web applications. Our goal is to teach would-be voters of all ages how to inoculate themselves against misinformation. And we hope that political figures of all affiliations may learn to inhibit their own misinformative behaviors.

Though we may sometimes seem to operate as a Political Action Committee, our research will be conducted in a non-partisan manner, and our funds will never be forwarded or funneled to campaigns. Employees will regularly vote on the need-based distribution of proceeds to academic endeavors, such as public school systems, public libraries, and educational content creators.

The present state of the website is merely a placeholder, as well as a way of garnering startup support. Though we are now a nonprofit corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, we are still seeking IRS 501(c)(3) status. While pushing forward, we will use science, statistics, and satire to raise awareness of the misinformation crisis. Initially, we will depend on donations and loans, but we are also seeking research grants. Eventually, we will provide in-person educational services, such as field trips to Washington, D.C.